MarRay Foods is a specialty foods/cottage food operation that grew out of my culinary history food blog on Patreon. The baked goods, infused vinegars, spiced nuts, preserves, and custom spice blends I create all feature a modern twist on the ancient recipes I have been sharing with my patrons. Look for the MarRay Foods booth at winter/holiday festivals, arts & craft markets, and the Community Farmers Markets in Decatur (Weds, rotating), and East Atlanta Village (Thurs) from April through November!

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One of my more popular Patron Perks has been a set of hand-knit 100% cotton machine washable kitchen towels and dish cloths. I have expanded my selection of hand-knit items to include plush fruits and veggies, as well as squeaky toys for dogs, and catnip toys for cats. They will also be available for sale at my booth.

Come see me at

The Spring Equinox Evening Craft Market on Saturday March 23rd

at the EAV Farmers Market


The For Pet’s Sake Benefit Arts & Crafts Show on Sunday April 7th

at Olde Towne Athletic Club

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MarRay represents an exciting new concept in culinary and agricultural history featuring faithful recreations of ancient recipes, scholarly articles, fun facts and historical snippets that go beyond your typical Mediterranean diet blog. As we journey together around the Romans’ mare nostrum, Latin for “our sea”, you will learn about the cuisine, agriculture, shipping/trade routes, commerce, and social mores of the entire Mediterranean Region from pre-Israelite Canaan to the height of the Roman Empire, to the Islamic Golden Age.